EC&I 830: Summary of Learning

I just want to thank everyone for an incredible class full of sharing, and collaboration. I learned a lot from all of you, and I hope to take many more classes with you in the future. Please enjoy my summary of learning.

One thought on “EC&I 830: Summary of Learning

  1. Great SOL. Totally agree that it was a collective learning experience which made it very successful. I’m part of the same school division as Matt and Trevor and yep we are very blessed. … the only thing is not all teachers are connected educators in our division (especially in high school where I teach). Unfortunately all the great work guys like Matt and Trevor are doing does always continue in the high school. Another point is there are still so many teachers that teach in ‘traditional’ ways that many students go through high school with little to no focus on digital citizenship (I see many excuses such as have to cover curriculum, not seen as necessary by some, scared, refuse to learn, to just plain old don’t care ) ….there isn’t that enough commitment to dig cit … in my opinion. But with forward thinking educators like you there is hope. Thanks for a great class.


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